Eating Europe Jazz Tour
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Haarlem Jazz Food Tours with Eating Europe


Food and music are a pitch-perfect pairing! Enjoy the jazz and get to know Haarlem in the tastiest way possible – through its food with the award-winning Eating Europe.

Let Eating Europe guide you through our favourite neighbourhoods which just happen to be some of the most stunning and historic areas of the city.

We will enjoy 7 authentic tasting stops, interact with the local owners, and experience first-hand the Haarlem way of life.

A Taste of Life in Haarlem: The medieval city of Haarlem is one of the most photogenic cities in the Netherlands. Traditionally a market town it is now the gastronomic capital of The Netherlands with countless cafes and restaurants. Wander the cobbled streets lined with ancient buildings. We’ll introduce you to our locals in the very same shops and cafes they’ve been running for generations. You’ll visit hidden courtyards and learn about the history of this magical city. 
Our local guides love to tell you their own Haarlem stories, enhancing your experience while you eat, drink and explore. 

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