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Greetings from the Racket Club! Our first week of rehearsals for the Marillion Weekends 2023 is almost over.
Greetings from the Racket Club! Our first week of rehearsals for the Marillion Weekends 2023 is almost over.

Mark’s gargantuan programming job is almost complete, Ian’s ten-thousand drum-fills are in the right order, the twenty-thousand chords are learned, and the squillion words have made h light-headed and cross-eyed.

And that’s only week one! As you know, we will be returning to Port Zelande in March for our “flagship”, 3 night, 4 day, 7 hours of music extravaganza. This will be the first time since 2019 and we are all very excited and very ready (emotionally if not yet musically). This sold out almost immediately and so we know that you are all up for it too. It’s going to be fabulous.

Owing to the time and distance involved in crossing the Atlantic we are still intending to play three nights in Montreal (12th – 14th May). The other weekends, however, will be “two-nighters” which will be a band-fave-mash-up of the songs from the “three-nighters”.

In case you missed the initial announcements, the other Weekends are being held in: Padua – Italy – 28th/29th April, Leicester – UK – 27th/28th May, Berlin – Germany – 23rd/24th June.

And now we can add the final “Mystery Weekend” to the list:

We’ll be honest and say that we tried to find suitable weekend dates in various different countries across the globe, and either financial constraints or venue availability made them unfeasible. The solution that emerged is going to hopefully make our Dutch fans very happy – we are returning to Haarlem in the

Netherlands on the 14th/15th April!

Haarlem is a beautiful city and our Dutch fans are always amazing. We are aware that in this 21st anniversary year of Marillion Weekends around the world, the Dutch fans have, so far only had the option of the residential Port Zelande event. So we thought we’d set that right this year.

Information and ticket links for all Marillion Weekends 2023 is available at

Right then – back to rehearsing. Sounding good…

See you soon, loves

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve


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