Top 10 must sees

Haarlem has many sights that you can discover throughout the city. To help you get started we have made an overview of the top 10 that you should have seen during your visit to Haarlem.

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  • Grote of Sint Bavo church

    In this medieval church services are still being held and it is also possible to visit the church

    Grote of Sint Bavo church
  • Jopenkerk

    A church converted to a fully operational brewery. Very special place with some of the best beers in town.

    De karakteristieke bar met koperen barrels in de Jopenkerk in Haarlem Jopenkerk
  • De Nieuwe Bavo

    An imposing and mystical building that suddenly appears, this is the famous Cathedral of Haarlem, built during different periods in history.

    Aanzicht van de buitenkant van de Nieuwe Bavo in Haarlem. De Nieuwe Bavo
  • Teylers Museum

    The oldest museum of the Netherlands

    De Ovalezaal in het Teylers Museum van bovenaf in Haarlem Teylers Museum
  • Frans Hals Museum

    No where else a bigger collection of Frans Hals than here

    Binnen in het Frans Hals Museum in de Manieristenzaal Frans Hals Museum
  • Hidden courtyards

    Behind hidden entrace gates you will find the courtyards of Haarlem

    Het oudste Hofje van Haarlem, het Hofje van Bakenes in de heerlijke zomerzon. Hidden courtyards
  • The Golden Streets

    The best shopping streets of Haarlem

    Vier winkelende dames lopen door de Warmoesstraat in Haarlem, een van de Gouden Straatjes. The Golden Streets
  • Canal cruise

    Discover the canals from the water

    Canal cruise
  • Keukenhof

    Every spring more than 7 million flowers are in bloom with 800 different varieties of tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Museum het Dolhuys

    Museum about the history of mental health care, built in an old mental institution

    Een oude kamer van een vroegere 'patiënt' in het Dolhuys, museum van de geest in Haarlem. Museum het Dolhuys


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