Going out

Good wines and craft beers

Haarlem, the city of cafes and tasting rooms. Whatever you are looking for, Haarlem has it. Drink a famous Jopen beer on the Hortusplein, or enjoy an international pale ale in one of the Irish pubs in Haarlem. Prefer a good wine with drinks? That is also possible with one of the chic wine bars!

A night out in Haarlem

Café or club?

During the day you can have a drink in the cafes, but in the evening the cafes below are converted into real nightlife. For the real dancers there are of course the entertainment clubs in Haarlem.

Openluchttheater Caprera met jaarlijks een goede line-up van concerten en optredens

Theatres and stages

Discover a local artist, or take a look at an (inter) national top act!

Een leuke avond uit bij Bison Bowling in Haarlem

Bison Bowling

Een avond film kijken op groot scherm bij Pathé Haarlem

Pathé Haarlem

De Toneelschuur verlicht