The fascinating story of tulip mania in the Golden Age

Haarlem was the centre of the tulip trade in the 17th century. Our tours take you through the historical city centre of Haarlem and the spring garden Keukenhof. The tulip mania of the Golden Age is brought back to life in the Frans Hals Museum and the Jopenkerk brewery from 22 March to 13 May. Experience the tulip craze by booking a tour or enjoy one of the various activities. Book a package holiday in one of the participating hotels and rent a bike to explore the bulb fields in our beautiful region. Take your friends on a private canal tour while the guide tells you all about life in Haarlem during the Golden Age.


The most beautiful spring park in the world! Keukenhof is the place to enjoy the millions of flowering tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other blooming bulbs this spring. A day to enjoy an experience that will not be easily forgotten. The most beautiful spring garden in the world offers a unique scent and colour experience, including more than twenty spectacular flower displays, surprising inspirational gardens and plenty of exciting events.

You can visit Keukenhof between the 22th of March until the 13th of May. 

Flower craziness - Frans Hals Museum

Every spring, the Frans Hals Museum goes ‘flower crazy’ and the rooms and corridors are decorated with fresh flower bouquets and other floral art in specially designed vases and suitable antique pots. There are always flowers to be found in the museum on paintings, tiles, wallpaper, and other works of art, but at this time of year we have the real thing too!

Tulpomania Jopenbeer

Jopen found a recipe for a beer from the 17th century in some old archives. Jopenbier has this refreshing beer appropriately christened. ‘Tulpomania’ in memory of the Haarlem of the Golden Age. With this historic beer you can discover the taste of the Tulpomania for yourself.