Update coronavirus

On this page you can find the current information about the measures that apply in Haarlem because of the corona virus. The most important (general) measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are shown in the video of the National Government at the bottom of this page. In summary, these are the measures we all follow:

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance
  • Sneeze and cough in the inside of your elbow
  • Wash your hands often and thorough
  • Do you have a cold? Then stay home!
  • Work from home as much as possible
  • Don't shake hands
  • People over 70 or people with frail health are extra careful

The measures below are in line with the information published by the RIVM and the Dutch National Government.

Update measures - Kennemerland region - Based on the press conference (September 14th)

The following rules apply starting september 25.

Rules for restaurants, cafes and nightclubs

  • Restaurants and cafes are closed from 00:00 to 06:00.
  • Visitors have a fixed seat.
  • Visitors keep 1,5 meters away from each other.
  • Nightclubs and discotheques are closed.
  • Corona testtickets are mandatory.

The following applies to festivals, performances, parties and sports competitions such as in professional football:

  • no maximum number of visitors
  • no closing time.

Inside with fixed seat:

  • no maximum number of visitors,
  • no closing time.

Inside without a fixed seat:

  • a maximum number of visitors,
  • closing time is 12 noon.

Rules for travel

  • Wearing a facemask is mandatory

People who come to the Netherlands must have 2 negative corona tests:

  • a "regular" test that is not older than 72 hours;
  • a quick test which is taken shortly before departure.


Stay at home if you feel unwell, wash your hands often, and keep your distance from other people in public. Together we can slow down the spread of Covid-19. 

If you’re in Haarlem and you have questions about coronavirus symptoms you may have, please call the Dutch health line (GGD) on 0800-1202 or 00 31 850 659 063. The support line is answered and staffed by medical personnel.

You'll find information on Dutch healthcare for visitors on government.nl (Emergency information from Dutch authorities)