in Haarlem

Where do you go swimming in Haarlem?
We list our favorites for you.

Swimming spots
in Haarlem

Given Haarlem's proximity to the beach, it's obvious to mention the sea in this list. And that is certainly not unjustified. But in and around Haarlem there are many other unique water spots to cool off in. From dune lakes to swimming pools and ponds. During the hot summer days the temptation to jump into 't Spaarne can sometimes not be resisted. But beware: for safety reasons, that is just not the intention. Don't worry, Visithaarlem has listed the nicest places for you to do a little bombing.

Discover Haarlem at its most beautiful, from the water. Join a canal cruise or rent a boat. The Haarlem canals, the terraces along the waterfront and the view of the beautiful monuments make your cruise a special experience. Do you have your own boat? Then Haarlem is also a wonderful city to visit. The Spaarnestad is part of the Staande Mast Route which allows passage for pleasure boats.

Sailing in Haarlem

On and by the water
Swimming in Haarlem


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