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Explore Haarlem on foot with a city guide.

Discover Haarlem on foot

At VVV Haarlem you will find several walks you can do yourself. Do you prefer to go with a city guide? VVV Haarlem has several walks you can choose from. 

Curious what to expect? Then check out VVV Haarlem's virtual treasure hunts and virtual city walks on this page.

Through this virtual city walk by VVV Haarlem with city guide Marius Bruijn, you will learn more about the history of Haarlem and be taken (underground) past the Waag, the Vleeshal (current location Hall of Frans Hals Museum) and the City Hall, among other places.

Dive into history

Would you like to take a guided city walk with your own group on another day or at another time? That is also possible. The cost for a guide is € 100 for a Dutch-language walk and € 115 for a walk in German, English or French. The duration of the walk is 90 minutes and again there is a maximum group size of 14 people.

Here you can also choose which starting and ending point you would like. However, take into account crowds or ask for advice from the tourist information office. You also decide on the subject of the walk, choosing either the general historical monuments walk or another theme as described below.

Are you curious about what to expect from a city walk through Haarlem or do you want to discover the city from home? Check out these virtual city walks from VVV Haarlem with city guide Marius Bruijn or city guide Marije Geheniau. Have you become enthusiastic? Get inspired by the offer above and book a physical city walk at VVV Haarlem.

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