Schagchel Street

An atmosphere as creative as the spelling.

Beautiful boutiques

It seems like a tongue twister, but the name of this little street is simply pronounced Schaggelstraat (named after the wealthy Haarlem family van Schagen, hence). The atmosphere in the street is just as creative as the spelling. Here, everything is still made by hand. From violins, jewelry, frames and wall prints to a new pair of tailored pants. The Schagchelstraat is one of the most artisanal and artistic streets in Haarlem. Besides beautiful clothing stores, you will also find a violin maker, coffee roastery, piercing shop, several jewelers and art galleries. 

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Most stores in the center of Haarlem are open seven days a week, check out the opening hours below. If you want to quickly find your way to
the nicest vintage or children's clothing stores in town or if you're just looking
for concept stores or antiques and curiosities, follow one of our shopping routes
and find out what the ideal starting point is for you to store in Haarlem. Hungry from shopping or want to enjoy
the city a bit longer? Stay for dinner in one of the atmospheric restaurants in Haarlem or
and spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Sundays and holidays
13:00 - 18:00
9:30 - 18.00
9:30 - 18.00
09:30 - 21:00.
9:30 - 18.00
9:30 - 18.00
12 - 5.00

Please note that this is an advice from the retailers' association.
The opening hours are at the discretion of the shopkeepers,
therefore always check the opening hours of your favorite store.

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