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From the Golden Age to contemporary. Haarlem is bursting with museums and galleries. You can even find the oldest museum of the Netherlands.


Marvel at the treasures of science, go back to the Golden Age or surround yourself with contemporary art. With more than ten different museums, Haarlem offers art and culture for everyone. There is also plenty for children to discover.

Frans Hals Museum (Groot Heiligland)

On the Groot Heiligland is the 17th-century Old Man's House with atmospheric museum rooms, intimate regents' rooms, an 18th-century dollhouse and a beautiful courtyard garden.

Great or St. Bavo Church

The Grote or St. Bavo Church can be seen from far outside the city of Haarlem. This medieval Gothic cross church is one of the largest churches in the Netherlands.

Museum House Barnaart

Rightfully one of the city's most beautiful houses. This stately building used to be owned by one of the city's wealthiest merchants, Willem Philip Barnaart. Now it is open to the public.

New Vide

An art venue and incubator, Nieuwe Vide originated from the squatting movement.

Frans Hals Museum location HAL

On the Grote Markt, in the 17th-century Vleeshal, the Frans Hals Museum hosts regular exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Rotary Organ Museum

Fairground Organ Museum with a unique collection consisting of nine fairground organs, including the Kunkels Organ, the largest concert organ in Europe and the Compton theater organ "lady Compton," on which concerts are regularly given by well-known organists.

Corrie ten Boom Museum

During World War II, the Ten Boom family hid Jews and resistance fighters in their home on Barteljorisstraat in Haarlem. Due to betrayal, the family ended up in captivity and concentration camps. Only Corrie survived.

Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys

The former plague, madden and leproo house. For years, this house housed "madmen," people who fell outside society. Now, nearly 700 years later, it is a museum about stigma and the importance of mental health.

Mill the Adriaan

A visit to Haarlem is not complete without a tour of the mill near the city center. Named after its first owner Adriaan de Boois. This mill has fulfilled numerous functions in its history; that of treadmill, tobacco mill and corn mill. Since 2002, it has functioned as a museum and wedding venue.

NZH Transportation Museum

Permanent exhibition about the NZH streetcar and bus company. There are streetcars and classic buses and many photos in the archives to admire.

Haarlem Archaeological Museum

The most fun museum under the ground. The Archaeological Museum Haarlem is the museum where urban archaeology becomes visible. The museum is located in the basement of an ancient building (the Vleeshal) on the Grote Markt.

North Holland Archives (Janskerk)

Het Noord-Hollands Archief is hét informatiecentrum voor de geschiedenis van Noord-Holland en gemeenten in Kennemerland en Amstel- en Meerlanden.

ABC Architecture Center

Center for architecture and urban planning of Haarlem and the Kennemerland region.

De Vishal

De naam Vishal verraadt al waar het gebouw ooit voor diende. De huidige Vishal is in 1769 gebouwd ter vervanging van een grotere Vishal uit 1603. Nu is het een tentoonstellingsruimte voor hedendaagse beeldende kunst.

Cruquius Museum

An icon of Haarlemmermeer and the place where you can learn all about the eternal struggle against water.

Cathedral Museum

On March 25, 2015, the Cathedral Museum in Haarlem was officially opened by the Commissioner of the King in the province of North Holland, Mr. J.W. Remkes.

Anno Haarlem

Anno Haarlem is een klein informatief bezoekerscentrum. Een verscholen pareltje aan de zijkant van het prachtige historische stadhuis. Dit is bij uitstek dé plek voor bezoekers om hun culturele bezoek aan Haarlem te beginnen én is geheel gratis toegankelijk.

Teylers Museum

The oldest museum in the Netherlands owes its existence to the legacy of merchant and banker Pieter Teyler van der Hulst. A man of enlightenment, he left his money to promote art and science.

Dome Cathedral

A unique cathedral that, along with the Sagrada Familia, Sacré-Coeur, Westminster Cathedral and the Basilica of Koekelberg, is among the top five most important churches in the world built between 1850 and 1950.

Verwey Museum Haarlem

Verwey Museum Haarlem is the city museum for history and art of Haarlem and Zuid-Kennemerland.

De verborgen juwelen
van de Haarlemse Musea

Explore the diversity of Haarlem's museums, and don't forget the smaller gems, such as the Twist Organ Museum. On Sundays, you can even enjoy this unique collection for free. For lovers of architecture, the ABC Architecture Center is the ultimate stage, where Haarlem and its surroundings come together in the world of architecture and urban planning. Discover the wealth of cultural experiences Haarlem has to offer.

A rich history

Ontdek de rijke geschiedenis van Haarlem en zijn vele monumentale panden en hofjes. Kom en geniet van de schoonheid van deze historische stad!

Teylers Hofje

The Teylers Hofje was founded in 1787 from the estate of Pieter Teyler van der Hulst.


The Wijnbergshofje was founded in 1662 by the Baptist congregation. It was rebuilt in 1872.

Hofje Guurtje de Wael

Hofje Guurtje de Wael was founded in 1616 by Guurtje de Wael, daughter of a cloth merchant.

Court of Willem van Heijthuijsen

Founded in 1650 by Willem van Heijthuijsen. This Haarlem hofje is located outside the former city walls on the edge of the Haarlemmerhout. There the founder owned the Middelhout country estate.


Founded by Jacob Huyge Roeperszoon and Katharine Huyge Roepersdochter in 1472 for the benefit of poor brewers' maids.

Court of State

The Staats hofje was founded from the estate of the Haarlem yarn-reader and merchant Ysbrand Staats. On July 29, 1730, the foundation stone was laid by his brother.

Even more Haarlem!

Discover Haarlem's rich history and its many monumental buildings and courtyards. From medieval streets to wonderful museums such as the Frans Hals Museum and the Teylers Museum, this city offers a wealth of cultural heritage. Come and enjoy the beauty of this historic city!

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