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Discover the top 10 locations for a drinks party in Haarlem.

Top 10 drinks locations
in the Haarlem area

From brown café to trendy pub: in gastronomic city Haarlem you can find it all. Haarlem has the most entries in the national pub top 100, so there is plenty of choice! These top 10 are a must for a drink in the city.

From Michelin-starred restaurant to cozy bistro. Cosy dining out is what you do in Haarlem. The city has a wide variety of restaurants where you can dine. In summer, you can sit down at one of the many outdoor cafes or the city beach. Would you rather enjoy a real Michelin star restaurant? That too is possible in Haarlem, the most Burgundian city in the north.

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Apprenticeship restaurant De Ripper is located indoors at Boutiquehotel STAATS. The restaurant is an atmospheric combination of modern and vintage with an open stainless steel kitchen and special collectibles on the wall. The design is warm with school influences, raw elements and 17th century details. A mishmash of styles and colors that combine into a stylish whole. On weekdays, De Ripper is a training restaurant where young people with a 'full backpack' enjoy practical training. On Saturdays and Sundays De Ripper is currently closed, normally on Saturdays there is a different concept, a little different, a little looser, the same quality. The beautiful bar also offers something for everyone to enjoy a drink and a snack in a unique atmosphere. More information:

Brasserie van Beinum is one of Haarlem's favorite spots for drinks. It has a lovely large sunny terrace and a cozy bar. Van Beinum also has a unique second floor which can be rented as a restaurant. Van Beinum is situated at a very special location in Haarlem: at the Klokhuisplein, directly behind the Bavo Church. The brasserie is located in the former money printing office Joh. Enschede and is perhaps one of the most beautiful monumental hospitality buildings in the city. Besides a surprising range of beers, wines and soft drinks, there is an accessible menu that offers something for everyone: 'From Brooklyn to Bali'. More information:

Also known among locals as the café terrace where you can sit in the sun the longest in the city: Café de Zwaan. De Zwaan is a cozy cafe where everyone feels at home. It is also one of the oldest cafes in Haarlem. There is a number of beautiful open wines selected for you and you can choose from more than 40 types of beer, both on tap and in bottles. The 'Plateau De Zwaan' that you can order with your drink, is a very extensive drinks board with the best snacks; a concept in Haarlem! Everyone is welcome here. From the stroller to the mother-in-law and the business partner. And also the drink for 30-plus is one not to be missed. Café de Zwaan is a delightful brown café 2.0. More information:

Café de Vijfhoek is a cozy brown café in a modern setting. This cafe is located in the heart of the Vijfhoek, the terrace is located on the square after which this neighborhood is named. Many imagine themselves on a cozy Parisian square when they sit down here. When you enjoy one of the special beers, fine wines or other drinks, trying the homemade tapas is a must. In winter there is often live music in the cafe, where the atmosphere is informal and 'us-kent-ons'. In short, a nice neighborhood pub with a friendly character where the staff recognizes you and the pub cat takes no offense to your presence. More information:

Restaurant ML is located in the courtyard of the former printing house Joh. Enschedé and in the old style room of the former house of the Enschedé family. In the Bar you stand on the work floor of the former printing house itself. For three centuries paper money and stamps rolled off the presses here. The extensive menu with various cocktails, a good glass of wine, beautiful beers on tap and bottle, good coffee from Illy and tasty snacks has something for everyone. More information:

Café Koops is a household name in Haarlem and the surrounding area. The hospitality, approachability and authentic atmosphere ensure that new guests feel just as welcome as the regulars. With a 15th place in the Misset Cafe Top 100, Café Koops is the highest ranked café of North Holland. The authentic building with lovely outdoor terrace, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Great or St. Bavo Church, is alone worth a visit. Also fun: the café often organizes activities, such as the annual crab lobster oyster night. More information:

Upon entering you will see a sign with "Inside without knocking" on the door making you feel welcome right away. Inside you will also see many office elements. The café radiates warmth and is often pleasantly busy. Everyone knows Café 't Kantoor, even if you do not go there often, you will undoubtedly cycle past it regularly. It is located right in the center of Haarlem. The old-fashioned typewriters hanging upside down from the ceiling complete the office atmosphere. More information:

What immediately strikes you when you step inside here are the old murals. Funny to know: the paintings from 1900 were only discovered in 1988 when they came out from behind 7 layers of wallpaper. Not only in the cold season, but also in summer you like to end your day here by the setting sun on the cozy terrace at the front. Anyone who claims that the brown cafe has no future should step inside Het Wapen van Bloemendaal. That opinion will be changed in one fell swoop! More information:

Monsieur Rouge, a petite brasserie in one of the most beautiful spots in Haarlem, situated on the river Spaarne. Fancy a Burgundian drink in French style? Then this is the place to be. Order appetizers to share with each other such as a charcuterie, meatballs in homemade tomato sauce, sardines on bread and a cheeseboard. Monsieur Rouge stands for quality and you can taste that. As the name suggests, French influences are reflected in the interior and in the drinks, bites and breakfast, lunch and dinner. The terrace on the water is wonderful, the view is never boring. More information:

The Haarlem Botermarkt, with its crowded sun-drenched terraces facing south, is one of the most attractive squares for a drink in the city. This is where the people of Haarlem themselves like to come for a beer or a bite to eat. The Botermarkt in Haarlem actually feels like one big (eating) café. Café de Roemer is one of the cafés located at this always lively market. In summer you can sit on the spacious terrace, in winter in the conservatory or cozy inside. More information:

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