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Midweek in Haarlem

This is how you see all the highlights

Are you coming to visit our beautiful city of Haarlem for a midweek? In this article, Haarlem Marketing shares an ideal itinerary with the nicest spots, the tastiest restaurants and the most special hotspots. So you can be sure to see all the highlights during your few days in Haarlem!

For most days we have prepared a morning and an afternoon program. This way you can decide what to do in the evening: will you go to a theater performance or bar, for example, or rest in your hotel? It's a fairly full program, but you'll also encounter plenty of outdoor cafes and bars along the way to recharge your batteries.

Day 1: Culture tasting

You can probably check into your hotel in the early afternoon on the first day. But of course it's a shame to arrive in Haarlem only then! Keep your luggage in the car or at the hotel reception and head into town in the morning.

In the morning
A good starting point for your midweek Haarlem is the Grote or St.-Bavokerk, which stands pontifically on Haarlem's Grote Markt. Did you know that this is one of the largest churches in the Netherlands? Take the entrance on the north side and admire the interior of the late medieval building and the famous organ, on which ten-year-old Mozart played, among others.

By now it is probably time for lunch. Walk from the Grote Markt to Spaarne66, a restaurant at the address of the same name, or Teds (Brunch all day) and enjoy a tasty lunch overlooking the Spaarne River. With a well-filled stomach, you can then make your way to Museum Haarlem. Experience 1000 years of the city's history and meet special Haarlemmers from past and present. An extra tip from us: once outside, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the houses in the street. You will see many typical Haarlem houses, built between 1608 and 1616.

A visit to Haarlem is not complete without visiting at least one of its many courtyards. After your visit to Museum Haarlem, follow the Spaarne to the north and enter the Teylershofje. In the distance, on the banks of the Spaarne, you will see Molen de Adriaan are already there. You can visit this windmill with a guide. Perhaps you will score a nice souvenir in the souvenir store afterwards.

Is it drinking time already? Then make a stop at Zuidam, right next to Molen de Adriaan. Located in a former shipyard, this restaurant is a wonderful place for a bite to eat and a drink.

Day 2: City tour

After a good night's sleep and a full breakfast, today it is time for a city tour of Haarlem. We will lead you along the nicest streets and most beautiful buildings. You can of course swap the morning and afternoon program if you wish, if that better suits the place where you want to have dinner.

Haarlem is home to several iconic museums, including Frans Hals Museum. So a must-see! Start your day by viewing the paintings of the old masters, combined with modern and contemporary art. Afterwards, stop by museum café Cleeff Frans Hals for a delicious coffee and cake or take your coffee to go.

After this, it is time to take a stroll through the center of Haarlem. Stroll through the narrow streets of the Vijfhoek, where cosiness meets you and there is a good chance that you will meet a familiar Haarlemmer. Had enough of the hustle and bustle? Then step into the oasis of tranquility of the Brouwershofje. End your tour with a walk around the Botermarkt, with its many cafes and a market on several days. For lunch, we recommend Café Marktzicht. You can sit on the terrace, even if it's a bit chilly, and meanwhile enjoy the many people walking by on the square.

After lunch we set sail for the Grand Place. Do you feel like visiting another museum after this morning? Then why not visit the changing exhibitions at the second branch of the Frans Hals Museum: Hall.

After this we welcome you in VVV Haarlem, in the city hall of Haarlem. Chances are you'll spot a wedding couple on the steps of the City Hall first! Visit the VVV store for a nice souvenir or get even more inspiration for your midweek Haarlem. The VVV is also the starting location of a fascinating city walk through Haarlem. Be surprised during the walk with fun facts about the city.

Do you have any energy left? Then it's time to store! We tip the Golden Streets, the shopping streets of Haarlem, with many special boutiques and fine dining options. For example, settle down at Dijkers food & drinka unique restaurant with a menu inspired by simple and honest cooking, or at Novecento, the best visited Italian restaurant in Haarlem.

Day 3: Explore surroundings

Time to leave Haarlem for the day and explore the region! Rent a bike to visit as many fun places in the area as possible today. In the evening, dive back into Haarlem for a nice dinner and a visit to other hotspots.

Start your bike tour at Grote Markt. Head southwest along Koningstraat, Botermarkt, Barrevoetestraat and Leidsevaart. Here you will find the Dome Cathedral Haarlem. Step inside the Cathedral for a guided tour, visit the Cathedral Museum full of special art treasures and climb the towers for a fantastic view of Haarlem. Highly recommended!

Have you recovered from climbing the stairs? Then get back on your bike and cycle south down the Leidsevaart until you reach Pijlslaan. Turn right there onto Pijlslaan and down Duinvlietspad until you reach Buitenplaats Elswout. A beautiful centuries-old estate, laid out according to the English landscape style.

After a walk through Elswout, cycle along Elswoutlaan, Brouwerskolkweg and Zeeweg to Duincafé De Kennemerduinen. A great place to take a well-deserved break. The menu contains the best from the region, with as many organic ingredients as possible.

The Dune Café is located in the Visitor Center The Kennemer Dunes, with an information desk, store and interesting exhibition. Walk around at your leisure and choose one of the walking routes, which all start at the Visitor Center. The beautiful Kennemerduinen area is perfect for a walk. So enjoy nature!

After the walk, get back on your bike and cycle along the Zeeweg to the beach. Near Bloemendaal aan Zee are several restaurants to enjoy drinks or dinner. One of the most famous is Republiek Bloemendaal, the perfect place to relax after a walk on the beach.

Day 4: Take it easy

The last day is already here. Today you will once again dive into the old center of Haarlem. After all, there is still plenty to discover there!

Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast at Frenchie, a well-known breakfast spot in Haarlem. Will you choose a pancake for breakfast or go for scrambled eggs? There is plenty of choice!

From Frenchie, it is only a short walk to Teylers Museum, on the Groot Heiligland. In this oldest museum in the Netherlands, admire the Vogelpracht exhibition and the permanent collection on art, science and history.

You can't leave Haarlem without having walked through the city's two biggest shopping streets: the Grote Houtstraat and the Barteljorisstraat. Are you done shopping? Then you can end your midweek Haarlem in a perfect way with a high beer in the always busy Jopenkerk. This tasting consists of three tasting glasses of Jopen beer with six dishes. Don't forget to make a reservation!

After the high beer, it's really time to go home. Hope to see you back in Haarlem soon!

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