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Do you pay attention to sustainability when buying new items? In Haarlem you will find a versatile range of shops where you can shop 'green'. Wondering where you can shop consciously? Then choose the sustainable route and be surprised by the stylish offer.

We start this sustainable route from the station square in Haarlem. If you walk in front of the station across the station square towards the city center, you will already see the first address on this route: Appel&Ei at Kruisweg 52. Here you will find unique fashion items for great prices. In addition, you help your fellow man and the environment by recycling clothing. The store has a fresh and light interior with lots of white and sustainable use of (scrap) wood. You can look around at your leisure and all clothes are clearly arranged by color. If you do go there, take the nice clothes with you that you no longer wear yourself. It provides a nice piggy bank! 'Treasure hunt' among very special items?

"A versatile range of shops where you can shop 'green'. "

Then take a look at 'the Golden Apples' section, there you will find the real gems among the items you have entered.

A vintage heart and a sustainable break

If you want to indulge your vintage heart, Stijlloods should certainly not be missed during your sustainable shopping route. Here you will find high quality vintage fashion and interior items. From cowboy boots to designer dresses and from vintage lamps to leather bags that wear their age beautifully. The 250 square metre store is spacious, fresh and well-organised and 'new' items arrive daily.

For a sustainable 'break', you can then walk into the Zijlstraat and settle down at By Lima. By Lima believes that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle makes life more beautiful. With a lot of love and passion, they make almost everything themselves. They work as much as possible with organic seasonal products from local suppliers and try to avoid E-numbers and refined sugars as much as possible. You can go here for the most delicious breakfasts, lunch and drinks and don't skip the coffee with homemade cakes.

A few doors down, be sure to walk into Brandmission: a store full of sustainable fashion & lifestyle brands. Be conscious, think organic, love fashion is not only the slogan here, but also the mission. From cool organic jeans from the brands Kuyichi and Nudie Jeans, an extensive collection from the trendy and sustainable sneaker brand Veja to stylish blouses, feminine trousers and chic dresses and jackets for a more business outfit: Brandmission offers you the most beautiful sustainable items. In addition, you will find handmade jewelry, vegan leather bags and organic cosmetics.

From Brandmission at Zijlstraat number 85 we walk on to number 91. Here you can find kpa. In this boutique you will find a unique mix of sustainable clothing. The quality of the items is high-quality: from silk to wool, and from beautiful Italian, French and Scandinavian brands. The name kpa. refers to the initials of owner Karlijn, who selects and buys all garments herself. Personal attention and styling advice are of paramount importance here, Karlijn is happy to advise you in finding an outfit that makes you feel confident, feminine and beautiful from head to toe.

Good for people, good for the world

What you wear on your skin goes beyond clothing. Lush offers fresh, handmade, vegetarian cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Good for people, good for the world. Lush makes their products fresh and by hand. As little or no preservatives and packaging materials are used. In addition, they are fully transparent about where and when the products were made: products are provided with the name of the responsible employee and the production date. You can find Lush in the Barteljorisstraat at number 29.

From the Barteljorisstraat we cross the Grote Markt and then walk into the Koningsstraat. There you will find sustainable concept store Nyhavn on your left at number 15. Stroll through all kinds of special sustainable and fair trade items. From second-hand furniture to fair fashion, unique accessories and home products. Are you looking for a nice gift? Then you've come to the right place. When you leave the house at Nyhavn, be sure to take a (sustainable) (dry) flower bouquet with you at ByDennis across the street.

Continue your route through the Parlaarsteeg into the Grote Houtstraat and enter De wereld van Jansje at number 45. This is a surprising gift shop and lunchroom with a beautiful collection of sustainable products from all over the world, where Fair Design is central. Everything is designed and produced on the basis of social involvement. Each gift is beautifully wrapped and is a joy to give or receive. At Jansje, you will receive personal advice from particularly well-trained people with disabilities. In the lunchroom, all dishes are homemade with as many local, organic ingredients as possible.

"Every gift is beautifully wrapped and is a treat to give or receive."

Walk further into the Grote Houtstraat to take a look at number 130 at WAAR, gift shop for fair and sustainable products. At WAAR you come for a good gift with a good story. All products are sustainably produced in one way or another. Made with love and care. From natural care products and ecological plants to vegan cookbooks. And from sustainable water bottles and recycled bags to fairly-made, one-of-a-kind tableware: where can you find it? This is TRUE.

Social & sustainable

Walk through the Cornelissteeg and then turn left into the Klein Heiligland. Cross the Gedempte Oude Gracht and walk into Sûr Atelier, a social and sustainable clothing brand, shop and atelier, at number 87. Here, women's collections are designed that want to contribute to a positive, social impact in society by means of stylish clothing. The makers of the clothing are all New Netherlanders with an incredible passion for their craft. Together, they work on authentic collections, in which high-quality and natural materials are used.

Time for an extensive lunch or drink at high altitude. Walk along the Gedempte Oude Gracht in the direction of the Spaarne and turn left into the Witstraat. Now walk into the parking garage (no joke) and take either the stairs or the elevator to the 6th floor. Step onto the platform and feast your eyes on the DAKKAS, with views over Haarlem up to the dunes. The food and drink here is local, seasonal, fresh and accessible. DeDAKKAS is committed to organic products, education about them and even grows its own ingredients on the roof. 

Back down you walk back into the Witstraat towards the Gedempte Oude Gracht. Once there, turn right and continue your way until you arrive at the Spaarne, where you cross to the left. Walk along the quay and turn left into the Korte Veerstraat, then left again into the Lange Veerstraat and after 30 meters turn right into the Anegang.

There you will almost immediately find Dille & Kamille. Here you will find everything for home, garden and kitchen. Indispensable basics and tasty gadgets, to treat yourself or to give as a gift. Take time for yourself and your environment. Enjoying everyday things, that is the philosophy that Dille & Kamille stands for. Natural materials. Functional designs. BASIC. Authentic. The store's aim is to act as much as possible with respect and care for the environment. Natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, earthenware, linen and cotton form the basis of the range.

End your day near the station with a fantastic meal at Mama Gaia. This vegan restaurant is located in impact hub Oceans, which is also the 'home base' of sustainable brand Dopper. Oceans is a sustainable impact hub in Haarlem to work, eat and get inspired. Restaurant Mama Gaia is the place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. And that's 100% plant-based. Please note: currently only open for ordering/take-away due to the partial lockdown.

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