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Bierbrouwen in een stad vol bloemen

Say Haarlem, you say beer brewing. Already in the Middle Ages, beer was brewed in our city. Domestically, so on a small scale, but still. In the 14th century, the city was one of the largest beer cities in the Netherlands. 

Beer barrels were called Jopen back then. And that name is immediately the bridge to today's beer culture. In fact, one of the breweries is called Jopen. They brew in the Jopen Church, among other places, and so that is where you can enjoy the beer they brew there, overlooking the kettles. Where you can also drink delicious beer is café de Gooth, which beer comes from - you might have guessed it - brewery De Gooth. Then there's Uiltje, a brewery that, in Uiltje's own words, aims to offer a moment of relaxation in a crazy and stressful world. Not to mention: Lokaal Haarlem. There, too, they brew their own beer.

So is Haarlem all about beer brewing? Well no, Haarlem is not only a beer city, but also a flower city. And that too goes back centuries. For example, our city was the center of the flower bulb trade until the early 20th century. Even today, the city is in bloom in the spring with the flower parade as the highlight. And thanks to nurseryman Edwin Visser, the magnificent spring bloomer Haarlems Klokkenspel is back.

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