2023 Haarlem -
year of
the woman

Several cultural institutions in Haarlem
will put women at the center of
their exhibitions, concerts and performances in 2023.

The woman

Half of the world's population is female. Yet the role of women in the world of art and culture often remains underexposed. Where are the women painters of the 17th century, where are the women conductors, composers and photographers? They are there but yet their role is often underexposed compared to their male colleagues. Haarlem, at the initiative of Fotogalerie De Gang and Doopsgezind Haarlem, has decided to change this in 2023 by declaring the HAARlem Year of the Woman. 

Haarlem has as its core number 023 (hence chosen 2023) and it is about the year of the woman in HAARlem. HAAR, when written this way, refers to a woman.

Every Haarlem cultural institution has the opportunity to join. Would you like to register your activity for 2023 HAARlem?

Let us know via website@haarlemmarketing.nl 

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