Gluren bij de Buren
Sorry, this event no longer available

"Gluren bij de buren" (Peeking at your neighbors)


On Sunday, March 11, 2018, "Gluren bij de buren" takes place again. "Gluren bij de buren" has grown into a national event with 14 participating cities, and will take place for the fourth time in Haarlem.

"Gluren bij de buren" is the most lively living room festival in the Netherlands. Local performing artists of all vines and stands create a true stage for the participating living rooms: the sofa is the stand - the carpet the stage. "Gluren bij de buren" is organized for and by Haarlemmers: the organization is looking for hospitable living rooms in all neighborhoods of Haarlem and local acts to make a great success together with Peuren at the Buren Haarlem 2018. From houseboat to residential group, from three-high-back to luxury villa and from smartlap to jazz, from children's theater to poetry: everyone is welcome to sign up for Peeking at De Buren 2018.

The concept is simple: every house owner is a day director of his / her own pop stage or mini theater. Each artist plays the floor carpet flattened between 13:00 and 18:00 three times in 30 minutes. Of course it is also possible for artists to provide a performance in their own living room.

Would you like to change your living room into an artistic palace or would you rather stand among the sliding doors yourself? Everything is possible, everything is allowed!