Leonardo da Vinci
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Leonardo da Vinci


In the autumn of 2018, Teylers Museum will organize a major exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci.

After high-profile exhibitions on Michelangelo (2005) and Rafael (2012), the museum now turns its attention to one of the most versatile and famous Renaissance artists.

Realizing a dream

Two years ago, Teylers Museum started on realizing a dream: the first major exhibition in the Netherlands of Da Vinci's orginial drawings. Leonardo's work is scattered around museums throughout the world and it's a challenge to get such iconic objects on loan. We are happy to announce that the exhibition will take place from October 5th, 2018 to January 6th, 2019.

Character and emotion

In his time (1452-1519), Da Vinci was already famous for his unprecedented ability for portraying human characters and emotions convincingly. He was one of the first artists who were fascinated by the relationship between the inner and the outer. This is evident not only from his famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, but even more it shows in the dozens of drawings he made of the human face.


Loans are drawn from the collections of the Queen of England, the National Museum in Budapest, the Albertina in Vienna, the Louvre in Paris and many others. In total, several dozens of drawings by Leonardo himself and a number of works by his followers will be on show. As frescoes, The Last Supper obviously can not travel, however it will be present at the exhibition in its original size in a very special way. 


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