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Haarlem lights up!
From Tuesday, December 5, 2023 through February 6, 2024, you can wander through downtown Haarlem wander along an atmospheric route. Haarlem lights up, wandering with stories' will provide a unique experience, where the history of Haarlem will relive itself.

inner city

Haarlem has a rich inner city when it comes to families with children who like to get out and about. We tell them imaginative stories and like to acquaint them with the old city of Haarlem. But are these old stories of Haarlem still known to the younger generation? By recycling these old stories into contemporary events, we let young and old be surprised with the 'Hidden Stories'.

To welcome visitors to the city center on dark days, the entrepreneurs of the city center invest in extra atmosphere and experience to make the city even more attractive. 'Haarlem Licht Op, Dwalen met Verhalen' will provide a unique experience where the history of Haarlem will be relived. This year the route has been expanded and not six but eight 'new' legends will illuminate the city center.

The light objects let you wander right through the inner city of Haarlem; Kenau (Stationsplein), Krokodil (Nieuwe Gracht / Kruisstraat), Mug (Krocht), Heks (Klokhuisplein), Giant of Haarlem (Damstraat / t.h.v. Parking garage the Appelaar), Mermaid (Warmoesstraat / Anegang), Dragon (Verwulft / Koningstraat), Inventor Laurens Janszoon Coster (Gedempte Oude Gracht / Raaks).

Dwalen met verhalen


Colorful Art of Mosquitoes

Where Haarlem is located, there was once a lot of water. As a result, this was a region where mosquitoes liked to live. One day a whole swarm descended. But there was something strange about them: on their stinging snouts were painting brushes! With these brushes they made the most colorful works of art. Soon all of Haarlem knew the colorful mosquitoes....


The stories behind the "new" legends can be read on site, and through a QR code, this entire story is displayed. For visitors who are less fond of their phones, a booklet has been composed in which the stories can be read back, with information and the route through the city center. This will be offered at VVV Haarlem.

Facts of haarlem

Do you already know these facts about Haarlem?
● Did you know that on November 23, 1245, Haarlem received city rights from Count Willem || and
Haarlem could call itself a city?
● Did you know that Haarlem is originally a Beer City? Maybe you know the Jopen
beer 'Thomas & Kenau'.
● Haarlem claims that Laurens Janszoon Coster is the inventor of book printing,
but did you know that is probably not true at all?

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