In Haarlem you can discover culture
on the square meter and also for
children there is much to do, see
and learn.

You don't want to miss this

In Haarlem you can discover culture on the square meter and also for children there is much to do, see and learn. Art treasures from the past, current productions, building blocks of the future: you can discover them all here in a playful manner. Look at your own city with different eyes, there is still so much to discover. You don't want to miss this!

From Dutch Masters to modern art, from arthouse film to children's theater, from pop concerts to urban history: those in need of inspiration, art and culture can certainly satisfy their hunger in Haarlem. Not only does Haarlem house the oldest museum in the Netherlands, the monumental city center is bustling with cultural hotspots, (art) history and creative initiatives.


The city is buzzing!

Frans Hals
In the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem you can discover old, modern and contemporary art. You can see a very beautiful doll's house of about 270 years old built by Sara Rothé, a very rich lady. Not to play with herself, but as a kind of mini museum that she could show to visitors. The dollhouse contains up to 1,000 small, handmade objects and even a pet lives there! Can you find it? Come and take a peek inside the Frans Hals Museum location hof this autumn. Grab a family booklet at the desk and discover together the exhibition Haarlem Heroes. Other Masters with all the militia pieces by Frans Hals. At the end of your visit, take a drawing sheet with you and make your own portrait at home. Frans Hals is, of course, curious about your result...via Facebook or Instagram you can show that you are a master artist!

Teylers Museum
Teylers, Museum of Wonderment, is the oldest art, natural history and science museum in the Netherlands. It is truly a place of discovery and wonder. For the youngest visitors there is the online picture book 'Beer is loose'. You can use this digital book to playfully prepare your visit to Teylers Museum together with your child. Teylers Museum is teeming with animals, did you know that? There are a few hidden in almost every room. Take a walk with your child and you might find them! There are three treasure hunts available about the permanent collection. You can pick up the free treasure hunt at the ticket office in the museum entrance. Completed everything? When you've finished you can pick up a gift at the ticket desk. Teylers Museum is full of fantastic, strange, beautiful and crazy machines, animals, books, coins, paintings and drawings. You can get to know them better during the workshops for the whole family on Sunday afternoon. 

Pieter Vermeulen
The Pieter Vermeulen Museum is a child-friendly museum and a center for nature and environmental education. Every year there is a changing exhibition around a current nature-environmental theme, with a real do-and-discover character. Craft workshops are held weekly and throughout the year all sorts of activities are organized, both in the museum and on location. The Pieter Vermeulen Museum has developed an extensive range of teaching packages and lesson plans for primary and secondary schools as a Nature and Environment Education Centre (NME). The museum also offers various workshops and activities in the field of sustainability and heritage education to both educational institutions and individual visitors.

ABC Architecture Center
The ABC is a local architecture center and fun for young and old. In the ABC Architecture Centre Haarlem children (and of course adults too) can have the time of their lives with no less than 60,000 LEGO bricks. Get inspired by what you've seen in the exhibitions, by the buildings of other children or by all the beautiful buildings in Haarlem. The ABC aims to promote interest in the built environment in Haarlem and the Kennemerland region. The ABC has as many as 6 exhibition rooms. Because of this many changing exhibitions can be shown. There is also a garden room and a store with design articles and architecture books. More information:

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