Culturele verhalen

Haarlem in het klein, ontdek cultuur;

licht op!

Haarlem lights up during the Christmas vacations! Atmosphere, coziness and beautiful lighting. You can find it all in the city center!

In addition to the light objects tour, wander with stories. The youngest visitors can explore along various miniature cultural stories.

In samenwerking met Haarlemse ondernemers en culturele instellingen is deze route tot stand gekomen. Waar jij deze kan tegenkomen?

1. Jan Monnikendam
2. Van der Pigge
3. Krokodil
4. LOCO Fabriek
5. Kleine Helden
6. Meneer Paprika
7. Wereld van Jansje
8. Kiekeboek
9. Jopo de Pojo
10. Hofje zonder zorgen

Inleverpunt VVV Haarlem (hier vind jij de ontdekkist, met een verrassing)

When you have completed the discovery route with flying colors, your discovery card is worth 'gold'. Write your details at the bottom of the card and hand it in at VVV Haarlem (Grote Markt).
You will have a chance to win a museum prize to spend at one of your favorite museums.

Winners will be announced
during the week of Jan. 9, 2023.
Participate in the discover route? Discover maps can be picked up at participating entrepreneurs and cultural institutions.