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Eatery Coster 52°

Coster52° is the Haarlem café restaurant that stands for local, homemade and fresh!

Dune Cafe the Kennemer Dunes

Since 2013, De Karmeliet has been operating the atmospheric Dune Café at the Kennemerduinen Visitor Center. In our restaurant you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea or soft drink, for example after a walk or excursion.

Grow Cafe

Kweekcafé is the PLACE for young and old, for Haarlem and region, for innovators, makers and inspirers.

Jippies Cat Cafe

Jippies cat cafe is the first cat cafe in Haarlem!

Cafe The Corner

A cozy brown cafe on the edge of downtown.

Café Ger

My establishment is a typical small brown cafe, where you can easily step in and sit at the bar to chat with me and other customers about all kinds of things.

Café du Theatre

Café du Théâtre is a quirky brown cafe in the center of Haarlem. Just steps away from the Grote Markt and within walking distance of the Station.

Cafe Bert

The neighborhood cafe where everyone is at home! Soccer, darts, billiards, cards (poker & klaverjas), table tennis, always while enjoying beer and bitterballen. And of course lots of live music! Our house singer Dana Blue guarantees a pleasant evening full of musical spectacle! We also cheerfully turn on the KARAOKE for you and new talents can always try out our music installation! So put on your sandals and walk to Café Bert!

Cafe Marktzicht

Restaurant in Haarlem

Cafe Boem

Coffee and Lunch

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